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Limo Ride for Corporate Events

Corporate events can turn the tide of future for you, provided you are well versed in the art of hospitality. Platinum Ride is setting new standards of hospitality through their “Corporate Limo rides”. We treat them differently and deal with them under the realms of the “business tourism,” which is an altogether different stream of tourism. Here we abide by the two “P’s” of corporate hospitality – which are 1) Punctuality, and 2) Professionalism. Our chauffeurs are well versed in corporate etiquettes. They are at par with the “international star standard services.”

Demands of Business Travelers Are Different

We entertain business client bookings on a contract basis. We respect our punctuality commitments and acknowledge your scheduled commitments well. Our staffers can wait for you endlessly, if you hire us in a package. We are keen to accommodate your “last minute changes” in the schedule as we understand the uncertainties pertaining to the time schedules of corporate people.

Win Rewards and Offer Awards

We have special packages designed for your star performers; if they are on a reward holiday, then a “Limo ride” can be like a “topping on the cake” for them. You can fix their schedule with us and we can arrange a memorable ride with a wet bar and rollicking music for them. If they are performing beyond your expectations, then they too deserve something “out of this world” from your side and Platinum Limo ride can be one such very interesting gift.

Book an Excursion for Your Clients and Make Their Drive Easy

You can offer excellent hospitality to your investors. Investors are always short of time; a Limo ride can be a great opportunity for you to explain your plans in detail, and you can arrange a tour for them where you can take them to different places. These excursion tours can fit into your budget well and they are real value for money.

Hire This Value Addition to the Regular Hospitality through a Limo Ride

When you will deal in a corporate package with us, then we can arrange certain things like “wakeup calls” and “welcome drinks” etc., for your guests and prestigious corporate clients. Climate controlled comfy corners of your limo can be converted into office places as well. You can add an additional comfort to your business conversations by hiring a limo.

Tailor-Made Packages for Your Corporate Outings

Instead of carrying high-end fleet of expensive cars, it is wise to hire a Limo. Zonal heads and other high rung professionals often arrange mobile meetings in a Limo and this is a time saving prospect for them because they can consume that “between the sites time” as a slack time and conduct some business affairs when you are “on the go”.

At the end of the day, it is a classical case of “out-of-the-box thinking.” Hire a Limo and make the best of your regular business day. This is a time saving preposition and a new value addition to your corporate hospitality.