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Party in the Heart of the City and Blow Your Heart Out in Your Personal Space

Limo ride to a classical theater can add this “old world charm” and “never dying romance” to your outing. Theaters are all about dress circles and refined tastes in art and culture. Limo can become an ideal representation here. The same Limo can become a mark of wealth status for you. Neo riches and new entrants in the clubs love to flaunt their own cars, but when it comes to class, nothing can beat a Limo entry into the fray.

Earn This Membership of Prestige Class with Limo

Theaters have a class of their own; they are an outcome of the “club culture”. However, clubs are more about personal activities and theaters are all about being a part of the group, which shares the similar kind of taste in performing arts. Limo ride can act like an ideal mark of class in these outings where you are dealing with people who belong to the same strata and same taste.

Royal Party on the Wheels

Limo is a living moving room that you can add to your outing. You can act like a royal host, and once the show is over, you can expect some surprise guests in the car for “the last but not the least” drops. A limo ride can add this amazing sky of possibilities for you where you can entertain some pretty guests and please them with your royal hospitality.

Royal Courtiers and Moving Wet Bar at Your Disposal

Every time you will book a Limo with Platinum Ride, we provide you with some amazing value-added services like chauffeurs and wet bars. This is an essential part of every Limo ride and this is where you can get this feel that actually you are moving in a royal chariot of sorts. These staffers are here to add a kind of connivance and security to your fun moods that are driving you on this dream ride to a theatre.

Pick It up Late and Paint the Town Red in the Wee Hours

Limo ride can be a great justification to your weekend gateways that start right from the Friday evening itself. Here, you can change your attires and meet the demands of your dress circle. You can enjoy the Friday release with the most happening crowd of the town and then you can start a boozing session, without thinking about the wee hour restrictions of the city. This is anyways a better option for you when you compare it with several other tiresome options, which become a routine job after a point of time.

Convert Your Fun Time into Quality Fun Time with a Limo Ride

Revolving restaurants of five star hotels cannot bring that fun in; Limo ride can be compared with “a palace on the wheels”. You can always convert every fun moment into quality fun moment when you are in a mood to party it hard. The culture of hiring a Limo for weekend outings is catching up and they are hiring limos under Dutch treats and making their theater openings more special.

You are just a dial away from all the fun and frolic, make a call to Platinum Ride and book some happiness for your regular weekend theatre outings.