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Weddings – Celebrate in Style for This Celebration of Life!

Wedding time is the time to celebrate the new role that you are going to acquire for the rest of your life. It is the time to add some food in to your memory lane. Think about all those special moments that will embark and mark the beginning of a new journey, where “in laws” are curious about this new family member; where your new extended society is all set to welcome you into their august social circles.

Royal Chariot with the Comfort of a Luxury Makeup Van

Your first impression as a bride or a groom is going to be the lasting one. Take a great and grand entry in a decorated Limo and set it right; right from the word “go”. Limo entry can be this “big-ticket entry” into your new world of postnuptial knot. Limo is all about stardom and stars leave no stone unturned when they hog the limelight. Limo can be that right place to have all those retouches on the makeup and hair, right before you make an entry into the game.

Limo Can Serve As Both, A Mark of Splendor and the Need of the Hour

Add this grand and lavish chariot to the backdrop of your grand wedding. Limo can be the best match to your royal “wedding gown.” Limo is the need of the hour for you because you need a spacious and climate controlled cabin to carry you. It is the best option on this big-ticket occasion of your life. For the outsiders, It is a delight to watch the “man or the woman of the moment” coming in a royal vehicle and for the insiders, you and your best friends, it is going to be a fun ride full of some thumping memories.

Decorate and Drape It in Your Dream Colors

It is all about leaving an exclusive stamp to your grand entry. Platinum Ride can help you drape it in the color of your dreams when it will run those last miles to take you to your biggest dream destination of your life. Stick out from the themes given by us and we can customize a few especial touches on the theme to mantle it for that big and grand entry of yours.

Limos Are the Stylized Chariots of the 21st Century

Limo has the status of a “royal chariot” in our times. This can be your personal moving cabin on the road where you can feel the royal bliss on your special day. Moreover, you can carry your personal brigade; with your fun mates in the same cabin. It is a cost-effective solution to carry a small marriage party of eight to sixteen pax in this personal cabin of yours. Limo ride can make sure that you are spending a quality time with your confidantes during the day of celebration.

Time to Add Fizz

You can arrange this special hospitality for your friends where they can add this fizz to the proceedings, that too without disturbing anyone. Most of our vehicles are loaded with wet bar and our staffers, complying with the hospitality codes designed for Limo environment, can serve those fizzy moments to your friends and special guests.

A ring at our phone number can make the ringing of your wedding bells a little more fizzy and happening. Do ring us and ensure a memorable ride in this “wedding day chariot” for yourself.